I remember growing up, you could often find me walking most of the laps during gym class, huffing and puffing if I ever had to run, and generally complaining whenever I was asked to do just about any form of exercise. But despite this, I had a competitive energy that drove e to suddenly run fast and play hard in sports that really mattered to me. However, these bursts of energy rarely came into play and were hardly often enough to burn off the calories that came from my oversized portions and weekly feasts of fast and processed food. Entering into freshman year, volleyball season began and I was determined to play. There are no cuts in my high school since sports participation is mandatory for graduation and I could not have been more blessed by this. Though I was not the best player in the program or even on my team, this was a start, a beginning. It truly fueled my future commitment to sports and exercise. It began with a simple sport to begin many lessons in endurance and for me to learn that healthy meant more than just exercise. I encourage you not to force yourself into a strict diet or try to propel yourself to run oh so many miles around the track every day, but to simply begin. Whether this comes in the form of a pick-up game of basketball, a playful swim at the pool, or a short walk around the neighborhood, simply begin because this could be the beginning of something wonderful. Simply begin.


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