Goals are often big mountains that we strive to make it to the top of… and stay there. But these achievements and dreams often take hours, days, years, and sometimes lifetimes to truly attain. Most important in reaching goals and dreams is taking baby steps; making little changes. As a young girl, I had always hoped for a quick fix to look skinny and pretty, while still eating the foods I wanted and avoiding exercising. Looking back, I realize that this is not the key, nor the point. Exercise is a way to love the Lord with all of our strength (Luke 10:27) and to take care of the bodies He has given us, which were bought with a price and are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). It is often taken for granted that God provides rain upon the earth and allows the crops of the fields to grow so that we may be strengthened and nourished. He is truly in all things: making crops grow up from the earth, daily providing for us. Therefore, the way I eat can be a form of worship to the Lord as I create beautiful things from what He has provided.

But, this change towards a healthier lifestyle was not a quick climb, and I still have a ways to go before I reach the top of this mountain. It begins with little changes such as switching to organic foods, eating just what I need and not so much more, and living in gratitude for all that I have been given. For me, it looks like taking the time to make things from scratch and share my love for healthy, organic treats with others and giving my very best. It begins with the little changes; it starts with you.


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