This past weekend, I went to Asheville, North Carolina for the Blue Ridge Navigators Fall Conference. Going there, all I could think about was the perfection that I hoped to feel afterwards; the sense that I was good enough for the Lord again. Something very different happened.

In a nutshell, this past weekend was piercingly eye-opening. In many moments, anxiety flooded my heart to the brim, and sheer exhaustion and fear overtook me. Envy of others who seemed to be experiencing the gracious touch of God encompassed me, and I felt so broken. There were many lonely, sleepless hours of the night where I felt truly alone and lost from God. Where was this magical moment where He would touch my heart, and everything would be clear and perfect.

On Sunday morning, after a meer two hours of sleep, some friends and I embarked on an early morning hike. Amidst the heavy chills and the dark of the early morning, the stars shone so bright and clear; glimmers of hope in the darkness. The hike up was very difficult to say the least; exposing my weaknesses.

Through it all, on the hike up, hearing about what God had done and the fellow sorrows and burdens that my sisters shared brought me such hope and gave me the strength to carry on. Praise the Lord for sweet fellowship and sisters who are there to pray for me through my anxieties.

As we ventured up, a thought came to mind that I had heard before. Nature is a reflection of our walk with Christ in many ways. Just as there are many mountains and valleys, such is with life. There are high points and low points, the good times and the really bad times, but there is a beauty through it all. The lows make the highs that much sweeter.

The view at the top of the mountain was majestic and beautiful; the artwork of the Creator displayed upon the earth. The journey up was really hard, but with my sisters in Christ by my side, praying with me and encouraging me every step of the way, we were able to make it to the mountaintop together.

May this be true in my life; that I may share my burdens with others freely and that we may encourage one another and journey together towards heaven through Christ Jesus.


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