This morning, I woke up and left my dorm for class. The weather in Nashville is really very indecisive. Some days it rains and others it feels like a sauna, it is so hot! But today was uncharacteristically cold. Little did I know what a God thing this would be.

In the middle of the day, I was finally able to go back to my dorm and find something warmer to wear. On the top of my fresh laundry pile was my long sleeved Summer’s Best Two Weeks shirt. There were so many reasons not to wear it; it’s pretty old and a little ratchet, but somehow I found myself wearing it anyway.

To be honest, it had been a pretty rough week. I had, and still am, feeling the effects of a lack of sleep, and had snapped at my roommate the night before. On my walk over the bridge to main campus, I was reflecting on just how awfully sinful I am and just how ugly my sins are to me, and especially to the Lord. It amazes me how deeply and unconditionally He loves me, even as I fail to love fellow sinners myself. How great is His love.

And as I walked over the bridge is when the miracle happened, and God gave me a simple and beautiful blessing.

A woman said to me, do you go to Smmer’s Best Two Weeks? A great joy filled my heart and bubbled over into my widest smile. Her name was Beth. She had graduated from Vanderbilt a couple years ago and had come back for a reunion today. She told me about how she herself had walked around campus with her chacos and ribbons, just like about every camp counselor, and we were able to connect about such a simple and wonderful thing. But the most amazing part was what she said just before we parted. She said I hope to see you soon, but I will definitely see you in heaven.

What life giving words and hope that I will get to see her someday again! Leaving people is so hard, whether after high school or college, or after retreats and conferences, but one of the sweetest gifts from God is that heaven is a reunion. I never have to worry about not seeing the people I love and who love the Lord again because we have an eternity to spend together. It compels me to share the Gospel in hopes that others might enter into this great kingdom, and gives me great hope beyond tomorrow. What a joy that God offers an eternity of fellowship and reunion. What an awesome God we serve! ❤️



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