This morning, I walked across campus to Rand to pick up a package. It was some lovely Christmas sweaters from my mom. Since I was already over there, I decided to head over to Grins, one of my favorite restaurants on campus. As I sat and waited for my food, I kept thinking of how to purposefully use the little time I had there. Because I didn’t have enough time to start on some studying and Greek Life has been on my heart a lot, I decided to research more about what being a Christian and being Greek looks like. The other day, I had glimpsed upon an encouraging article ( about it, and decided to look more into Greek InterVarsity. After sadly not finding Vanderbilt on the list of campuses, I decided it would be really fun to go to their conference in North Carolina and invite some friends from my Bible Study. I had no idea how I would get there and was a little nervous about not knowing anyone there, but figured that I wanted to be as equipped as possible to share the gospel in my sorority. I remember the last couple words in the article talking about how God was doing something big in Greek Life, and I really want to be a part. As I closed my computer and left Grins, I had no idea how beautifully God would work that day.


Fast forward to lunch time. I was back at Rand for their fabulous bowls and cookies. I couldn’t decide which type of cookie to get and ran into lots of fun conversation, but it was so good. As I walked towards the Baseball Glove to begin studying, I saw a sign at the promenade about Jesus. My heart perked up because I love to hear and see His name. And then I read the sign: Greek InterVarsity. I almost dropped my lunch tray. How could it be that the very thing God had been placing on my heart was right there in front of me. I almost cried because I couldn’t believe how good God was in that moment, when I hadn’t even asked or prayed or known to hope for it. I am so thankful and excited to be a part of what God is doing in Greek Life because He loves each and every girl so deeply and longs for their hearts. I am so excited to join God in His mission and heart to reach others. What an incredible God we serve; praise His Holy name! He is so good!


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