So, I have a crush on this guy… whenever I see him, I get really nervous and my heart flutters. And when he says my name, I feel like a princess.

This morning and throughout this week, I have been praying about and for him to the Lord, asking God for wisdom of whether these are simply my own heart’s desires or His.

And this is what God placed on my heart through this: What if I began to think about God the same way I thought about my crush. I want my heart to rejoice whenever I hear the wonderful name of Jesus, to be in awe of His beauty, and to feel like a princess whenever He says my name. I want to desire a deeper relationship with Him, to be known by Him, and to be loved wholly by Him. I want Him to consume my thoughts each and every moment, and to be obsessed with Him. Because He is a good Father and worthy of that adoration in every way.
There is no uncertainty about His love for me, it is always constant and faithful. He never lets me down or leaves me wondering whether He likes me, because I know that He loves me. He is always wise and has showered me with gifts and blessings. What a wonderful One to adore. ❤


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