Yesterday was the second day of Rush. Each day ends progressively later, and has a little more hardships, but it is very good. Before my first round of the day, I remember feeling incredibly nervous and uncertain of my abilities, but after a lot of prayer, God graciously gave me a lot of peace. It was by no means easy, and it is difficult to wait this whole week to see where the next round leads me, but here are a few things I learned from Philanthropy Round:

  1. Trusting God is a constant process; pray continually. Each time I walked into a new house, I had to remind myself that I was loved and cared about. I kept reading Ephesians 1:4-5 for assurance that no matter what, God loves me and has chosen me as His own, and that He is more than enough for me. I had to continue to remind myself that each and every person I encountered is loved by the Lord, and that He died for them; to love them wholeheartedly and not be discouraged by the possibility of rejection. This really allowed me to rejoice in each of my conversations, take hold of God’s peace, and hope in that God’s love is sufficient for my needs.
  2. Service begins with love. I absolutely loved all of the philanthropies that the sororities showed me. I love being able to make a direct impact on the people there. There were many times where I almost burst out into tears! It was beautiful to see the ways the girls in each sorority had poured out their love into their philanthropies. I remember reading my favorite book, Kisses from Katie, and finding something eye-opening to me. Katie talked about how in order to share about Jesus with people, we need to first show them what love is in our actions. I believe that philanthropy and service can be a door or a window to sharing the Gospel with others. Christians are called to be known by their love, and I pray that in my love for others, people would desire to know more about Jesus Christ who is love through me.
  3. Rejection may be strong, but my well is always and only truly filled by Christ. It is so very easy to be discouraged and feel personally rejected by the rush process. After all, people are deciding whether or not they want you in their sorority based on your performance (conversations). However, it gives me hope to know that I am loved and have intrinsic value as being created by God. There are only so many places, and I have to believe that God will work everything out for my good and His glory. He loves me more than I could ever love myself, and in Him is where my well, my heart for love is truly and completely filled.

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