Recently I have been praying a lot about relationships (I’ll write more about what I have been learning in that area of my life soon!) and telling God about how needy I am for affirmation, to know that I am loved, and oh my how He has provided.

A friend I love reminded me of how beautiful I was. At Five Daughter’s today, the people were so kind, joyful, and loving towards me. I ran into three fellow ADPi’s from another college, and we were able to take a picture together. Many people complimented my rain boots and said such kind things about me. I met a new friend who may come to Vandy next year, and was able to share about how much I love it. I was able to sit outside of Five Daughters and be satisfied with doing my very best in my test, even though I was so unprepared. I was able to have breakfast with a friend and spend lots of time with the Lord, and drag things into the light with the hope that Jesus knows and continues to love me even in my brokenness.

The Lord is so very good. What a wonderful day!


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