“This past semester, the Lord has been bringing back the theme of vulnerability into my life over and over again, and especially this semester, the word delight. I have so little time to give right now and am not sure what the Lord has in store, but He keeps whispering and reminding me of that word, delight, and I want to be faithful in following Him, and so I would love to meet with someone to hear about the ministry! I know He will provide the strength and the time I need to follow Him! Also, I just want to encourage you all that I love what you are doing, vulnerability, and Jesus so very much and am glad to even know that there is Delight! It is such a joy!! ❤

These are the words I emailed out to a couple of chapters of Delight Ministries. God has faithfully met me with such deep love and compassion in my deepest vulnerability. And with nervousness and excitement, I called an Uber 40 minutes before the meeting over at Lipscomb, hoping and praying that God would make this time immeasurably more beautiful than I could ask for or imagine.

I left campus filled with jealousy and longing for affection from the Lord, and tired of trying to find it in the world, in boys’ attention, and in things that wouldn’t satisfy, and desirous for meaningful and vulnerable conversation with sisters in Christ.

I arrived and plugged in my headphones to listen to the song, “Delight in You.” Music flooded my ears and the precious reminder that there is nothing I have to do to win God’s love, and that is a truly beautiful thing.

A few minutes later, I recognized a familiar face. I had met her at the Well, noticed her Delight sticker, and walked over to introduce myself. Praise the Lord for making me brave enough to do such things that I could never do on my own. Alongside her were two new faces, and a big, dog. Unfortunately, I am allergic to dogs, but I try to never let that stop me from wonderful things like Delight.

We went into the auditorium. Everything was so very new to me. New faces slowly started to come in. From the beginning, I was excited about sharing my heart, and talked about the tattoo that I hope to get (chara, meaning the joy that comes from the grace of the Lord), and my love for special education, and began to open my heart to these new faces, yet already beloved sisters in Christ.

Soon, we gathered around in a circle to pray and begin the devotion. I found myself so enthusiastic and excited to share my heart, talking about things like my anxiety, depression, and jealousy with these people I had just met. The Lord has truly made me so courageous in that, and I am so grateful for the quickness and eagerness He filled me with to be vulnerable amongst these friends who I delight in calling my sisters in Christ.

What a joyous night of new friendships, sisterhood, and daring adventure of stepping into the light because the beauty of the body of Christ is that there is an instant bond between believers that allows us to be vulnerable and share our hearts knowing that Jesus is there and present and good. It has been such a delightful night.


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