This morning, I decided to take a trip to my very favorite spot in Nashville, Five Daughters. Not only do I love their donuts, but also the front porch sitting area where I am always able to spend sweet time in the Lord, see and listen to the beauty of His creation, and meet new people. Here I have met sisters in ADPi, prospective students for Vanderbilt, and so many more lovely people. It is such a joy to see who the Lord places in my life whenever I am able to come away with Him here.

This morning, I picked up my donut and sat down to read His word. At the table over, a family was sitting, and they asked me what flavor I had gotten. I was taken aback at first and didn’t quite hear them before I realized they were talking to me. “Lemon blueberry,” I said, a little caught off guard but excited. Then, we began talking. I mentioned how cute her kids were and she asked me if I babysat. I was tempted to say, yes all the time, but in all honesty, I said, not really. She asked me about my major and life here, and I told her I was a special education major and that I loved kids, because I really do, and then the strangest thing happened, she asked me to babysit. I gave her my phone number and went back to my seat a little across the way.

I sat down and had a bit of a conflict, do I begin to pray or will she think I am weird? Do i pull out my Bible? Then I remembered to be unashamed for Jesus, that God is the One who gives and takes away, and so lovingly and graciously placed that family in my life for a reason.

What is it that compelled her to ask me to babysit, me who she had never met before, I wondered: Jesus Christ. I believe that His light of warmth and love shines through me. It could not have me because I have literally nothing to offer her but the love of Jesus for her family and her kids. What a joy that the Lord loves so well and places people on our paths for a beautiful reason, and I am excited to see how that plays out in this family’s lives. Who knows? What if they become such a beautiful blessing in my life? I trust that the Lord has great plans in store for me in every interaction that I encounter, and what a joy to have a heavenly Father who cares so much about me!


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