Today, I was walking back from my friend, Jenny’s house. She had encouraged me and helped me to remember and rejoice in God’s truth. I think I want my tatoo to be the word eusplagchnos, not a very beautiful looking or sounding Greek word, but the meaning behind it: tenderhearted, merciful, and compassionate resonates deeply in my heart as a constant reminder of who God is always.

However, as I walked up the road towards the dining hall, I noticed a man ahead. He was holding a newspaper, and I groaned inwardly. Ugh, not another homeless person that I have to give my money too, I thought! And what if they use it for drugs or beer or something wrong. Then, the gentle reminder that Jesus, too, was homeless on earth. Jesus, too, was not regarded well by the world, but God calls us to love the least of these.

I knew I didn’t have my wallet with me, but I wanted to show this man some love because Christ loved me and him first. And so I was honest and treated him as a person, because that is what he is. I told him I had no money and nothing very much to offer him. I asked him what else I could give him, and he said I could pray for him to be able to keep his apartment and for his relationships. And so I laid a hand on him, and stopped to pray, and hope to continue. I asked him what his name was: he said Dwayne. He asked me what my name was: Michelle.

I am excited to see Dwayne again, whether today or to stand alongside him worshipping our Father together. Because if He knows Jesus, and it appears that he does, then we are brothers and sisters in Christ, and children in the family of God. And how can I not give all that I can to my brother in Christ? After all, God has given me everything I have, and allows me to, therefore, give abundantly to others out of the overflow he has placed in my heart.

Will you join me in praying for Dwayne and his needs?

Heavenly Father. I thank and I praise you for Dwayne. I praise you for creating him and how you love him. I pray for the opportunity to see him again, whether on this earth or in heaven, and for the heart to love him well and give to him out of the abundance you have given me. I pray you would provide for him to keep his apartment, bless him abundantly, and guide him in his relationships. I love and I praise you and I thank you for the beautiful work that I believe you are going to do for Your glory and our good. Thank you, Abba. Amen.



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