This heart is shattered by insecurities and uncertainties. It is a burdensome life to live always questioning my worth and how people see me. It drains and exhausts me and does not allow me to love well. It affects the way that I view God and the way that I love the people He created in this world. And so I want to embark on a journey to feed the lies with God’s truth.


Here’s are some of the lies that I believe, that I hope to uncover and ask the Lord to redeem on this journey:

  1. I am not pretty enough to receive a guy’s attention or to be pursued.
  2. I am not skinny enough.
  3. I am not smart enough to be at Vanderbilt.
  4. I am always too much and yet not enough.
  5. God hates me when I mess up.
  6. God condemns me for my failures.
  7. I don’t have any friends.
  8. People don’t like me.
  9. People don’t like to be around me.
  10. People only like me for the kind things I do for them, and the ways that I try to win their love.

May this journey result in healing and restoration that I could not even think of or imagine.



Daughter of the King, mimi


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