This morning, church was cancelled for Love Your Neighbor Sunday. It is an opportunity at Ethos to go out and serve others in our community, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. My lovely grandbig gave us the idea of having a pancake breakfast at our sorority’s house in order to serve the girls there, and it was incredible.

We went to the house a little early and brought together girls in our sorority from all four locations of our Church to pray and make pancakes for the girls. I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t sure how to talk about Jesus with the girls and show them His love, something I am constantly growing in.

We made dozens of pancakes, and had lots of girls come by the house, which was really fun. I was able to get to know the girls a little better. Part of me wanted to shout it out that the reason we do this is for the Lord, but another part of me knew that sometimes it is important to first build relational love, in a way that the girls know they are loved and can trust me first.

And this is something I often forget the beauty and benefit of, simply loving others, regardless of whether they decide to know more of Jesus. And how can they know His love unless they first see it in others and in me. And so it is my greatest joy to serve these girls pancakes, and hope and pray for them to see the light of Jesus shining in our hearts, and that one day they might come to know Him and His great love for them. May I in all of my actions, words, and deeds reflect the gracious love that the Lord has for me and you.


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