I’m not in any leadership positions for any campus ministry. In fact, I’m not even sure which ministry to go to, and in that I am so overwhelmed. Who am I without an affiliation to a campus ministry? I feel so weak and lowly.

Yet maybe that will open the doors to so much more for me. Maybe I will better be able to invest in my Church and the people who don’t affiliate with a particular ministry. Maybe God has a plan for me in that, too.

What if my ministry doesn’t have a Christian label? What if it is to love and serve those outside of my Christian circles. But what about fellowship and being poured into? But what about being obedient to the places God has called my heart to, the unconventional ones like Next Steps and my major that may not have a specific label or title, but what if I wasn’t defined by which ministry I called me own, but by the God who loves and died for me, and calls me His Child.

There is nothing wrong with campus ministry, in fact it is a wonderful place for fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism. But what if it is not the place where God has called me to invest? And what if that is okay. What if my first and foremost identity, label, and commitment was simply this: being a Daughter of the King, and what if all else was simply a way to live in the light of that love.


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