I can imagine the first person who ever discovered a shard of glass. I picture an old man seeing a shape, a reflection, a picture of himself in this glass, and marveling at what he must have seen. Did he know that it was him? Was he worried about the sharp edges? Did he simply want to find and know more?

I imagine the feeling he felt when he found more pieces and fragments of glass. Did he immediately put it together to create a more perfect picture. Did he marvel at the sight of more and more of his face coming together.

But what happened when he put all of these fragmented pieces together. He must have jumped and leaped at the sight of the fullness of his face. By now, he must have figured out that it was indeed him he was looking at, and what a novelty to see his face reflected back at him, his scruffy beard and deep, brown eyes. Color and intricacy of design suddenly came into view.

But still something is missing from this picture. The glass is broken. Even as the fragments of glass are pieced together, the image is distorted.

Today, nobody looks at a broken mirror. When you wake up, maybe you have a full length mirror to check your outfit or to help you put on makeup, I know that I do in my dorm! But we look at a full and clear reflection to tell us what is actually there, not something fragmented and severed, like all those pieces the man in this story had.

Such is God and the body of Christ. God is the perfect One, and we are made in His image. We live in a fallen world where God is the man, and we are the mirror image of Him. We are each like shards of glass, a distorted glimpse of our Father, the King. When we all come together as the Church and the body of Christ, we are a shattered mirror, glued together and shambly, yet beautifully giving others a glimpse of who God is, but never able to fully reflect the beauty of what truly is only found in God.

Although we are all, as humans, broken reflectors, many times do we look to one another for a picture of what we can never be. We search for perfection in the broken pieces and remnants and reflectors of truth. We seek love and affection found in God, as He shines through us, in the shards of glass that we are, and we never are fully satisfied because we are looking to fractions of a greater picture instead of seeking out the fullness of the goodness of our God.

Now shards of glass are beautiful pieces, and the image reflected through them remains the same, beautiful and true. The man’s appearance doesn’t change based on the state of the mirror, and likewise, the Lord is the same regardless of the way that we try to reflect Him. We, as the body of Christ, simply reflect that perfect mirror. However, our edges are rough and course, and each day we are being sanded and smoothed to fit together into the bride of Christ in awaiting of restoration.

In the meantime, may we not look to broken fragments such as ourselves for what is only found in the perfect mirror that God will someday make us to be; perfect like Him and fully restored in His image. Only a perfect potter can fit us together, piece by piece. We can trust the maker, not our broken shattered reflections, to show and shape us into what is perfectly beautiful and the image of love, of which is our God.


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