I remember when I was younger (okay maybe not too long ago..!), I had the biggest crush on Ed Sheeran. I fantasized about how one day we would meet and fall in love, and I’d be the one he set his heart on. Obviously, that hasn’t happened, and truly, that is more than okay! But the one thing I do remember very vividly is my frustration at the fact that I really liked him, yet he knew nothing about me or who I was. I felt that I knew him, superficially of course like many others, but was disheartened by the fact that he did not, in the least, know me.

I share this story to illustrate something much more beautiful and profound. I am on a road trip to see my brother’s track meet, and the song “Shape Of You” came on, and I thought to myself, he never knew me. I thought of all the relationships in my life where I feel I know others, yet am so unknown to them, or vice verse where I am very known to others, such as through this blog, but know not of them.

This is an unbalanced and aching type of love, I thought. It is so unfulfilling. Imagine you meet a new friend and you are constantly giving of yourself, sharing and pouring yourself out to them, and they do not return that love. Don’t get me wrong, they may not be ready to reciprocate that love, and it is important to be gracious and patient with them and rejoice in recognizing the steps they are taking towards reciprocal love and it is key to find our source of love in the Father that is endless, but I want to tell you about the most beautiful love that I have ever known.

This love knows me fully: my every thought, righteous and unrighteous, my every step and heart’s desire, my every high and low even before I tell Him. He knows it all, and invites me to a reciprocal love in which every day through His Word, the Bible, I am able to know more and more of Him. I am known by Him, and each and every day I am able to know more of Him. There is beauty in the mystery of not knowing everything about my God, yet He chooses to reveal more of Himself to me each and every day, and that is a most precious love.

If you know what it is like to pour out your heart and not be reciprocated, or to be on the receiving end and uncertain of how to give back the love you are receiving, I encourage you to look to the Lord. A relationship with Jesus Christ fills us with a love that overflows to others in just the way that He desires, and my, oh my is it beautiful to live a life of knowing and being fully known. ❤️


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