Two days ago, I hopped out of the car and said goodbye to my parents in a hurry. They turned around and left as I quickly headed to my meeting for which I was very late. My plan was to stay at summer camp training for the month, and my hope and vision was to come out on the other side having grown a ton, but little did I anticipate the pain that would come with that.
It is only day two (I think), and I am absolutely exhausted. In fact, I think it’s only been one full day and I am an absolute mess. My anxiety levels are charting new levels, and there are so many names and faces unknown to me, and still more to come later in the summer. And yet the Lord is faithful.
This morning I told Him that I missed home so dearly, and my study was on how home is where the Lord is, and therefore I am at home, a sweet truth so very difficult to believe, yet always true.
Our study this evening was on 2 Corinthians as well, which I have been studying for my quiet times with the Lord, and it was a joy to be reminded of something my dearest roommate had showed me: that all of God’s promises in accordance with Jesus are yes and amen because of Christ. This means that I can take God at His word when He says that I am forgiven, beautiful, saved, and loved.
And what a joyous hope to share of the way that the Lord has given me joy in the midst of anxiety and depression! May I share of these struggles more deeply and freely that God may be known more fully and beautifully, and exemplified more in each and every moment of my life. ❤️
And so I anticipate and look forward to the growth to occur this summer and prayerfully hope for God to make tender my heart to be obedient to His loving will, reaching out to hold His hand moment by moment as best I can because I know I will need Him to guide me.


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