This is day two of having a sprained wrist at camp. It has truly been one of the most difficult, yet beautiful things in the ways that the Lord has chosen to teach me through it.

In my inability to write with my dominant hand, the Lord has reminded me to take my time in studying His Word slowly write out the answers in my workbook with my left hand. “Take things slowly my daughter” he says.
In my struggles with helping out around camp for “ruddy” or preparation week, the Lord has brought to my heart the question: in what do I place my value, is it in the works of my hands or in my identity as a daughter of God? It has stripped me of a way that I often try to work my way toward salvation, and humbled me to remember that what God wants for me is a humble heart willing to receive his finished work on the cross and the gift of grace that came with that sacrifice, and that every gift and abilitie comes from the Lord.
If God were to take away one of my limbs or an ability that I find my value in instead of using these gifts to serve Him, may I joyfully thank Him for the abilities that remain and the value that I have simply in belonging to Him. God is also teaching me what it feels like, or a little glimpse of how people with physical disabilities must feel, and filled me with the deeper heart of gratitude for all the things He has given me.
What comes to mind most frequently today is the song Blessed be your name, in which the lyrics talk about how God gives and takes away, and it is His right to do so because all these things, every limb and every ability, are gifts that belong to him. We are only stewards of this earth and all that He has so graciously given us; may you and I rejoice in the wonderful gifts the Father has given us! ❤️


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