This afternoon, my arm was really bothering me. My friend Megan gracioiusly took the time out of her day to drive me to the doctor, carrying my bags for me and selflessly serving me as God’s vessel for a lesson He is in the process of teaching me.
After a visit to the doctor, I received a splint and a diagnosis of a sprained wrist. Upon returning to camp, thee was little I could do to help out as everyone around me worked hard. It was quite frustrating because I feel very unhelpful, but I think that the Lord is teaching me through this what it looks like to simply receive and allow the body of Christ to serve me. I am praying for a heart to not grow lazy, but to rest in the Lord and rejoice in the ways that others show me love.

In not being able to use one arm, I’m learning the beauty and humility of being helpless, in need, and asking for help from others and from the Lord. Not being able to use one arm reminds me of the gift of having two able hands, and the precious abilities God has given me.

Camp orientation begins in a few days and I’ve learned so much already about what it looks like to love others when it’s uncomfortable and not reciprocated, and therefore to love at all like Jesus. Love isn’t easy and I don’t think it’s meant to be that way because Jesus set the example for us of true love and it was messy and it was filled with pain. But the beauty of it was that it was pure and true. And without selfish motive. It’s such a hard thing to be here sometimes, but beautiful, too, and I pray that in this trying season, the Lord would teach me to love more like Him ❤️


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