A friend of mine recently was gathering some stories of what Greek Life is like as a Christian, and I wanted to share some of my experiences with you! I am so excited to reflect on all the ways that God has taught me and showed me how to love more like Him through being in a sorority!

First, I want to say that being in a sorority is not something I would recommend for everyone! It is a time commitment, and I encourage you to pray about where God would have you to best serve Him and be used by Him!

Maybe you knew you wanted to join a sorority or have family members in one, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would join a sorority. Little did I know what God had in store for me!

Most of my friends from the beginning of freshman year did not go through recruitment, and I wasn’t planning on it either until one of my best friends told me she was going to. I was a little nervous and confused as to why she, a Christian, wanted to be a part of a sorority where in my mind, was full of partying and drinking girls. Note how I viewed their identity as simply their worst actions, rather than as people whom the Lord loves and cares for, and their actions as ways they are seeking and searching for the Lord.

As I prayed about being in a sorority and where the Lord had me, He was faithfully with me throughout my time. Even when I was about to quit the recruitment process because I was overwhelmed by the unexpected cheers at the door and did not feel that I would fit in, the Lord gently reassured me by bringing many Christians for me to talk to during rounds and kind new people to show me love as I continued on.
As the days progressed, my heart became set on being in a certain sorority. Every day was a difficult choice to say yes to Greek Life even if not to be given the choice of where I wanted to go. I couldn’t decide whether God was calling me to the one I least wanted to be in, or whether he was blessing me with the choice of choosing the one that I loved the most.
Graciously and thankfully, God allowed me to join my sorority, and my oh my has it been wonderful!

Not all of the girls in my sorority are Christians, but God has been teaching me to have a heart of great love for my sisters and giving me opportunities to share he Gospel with them and share about how my joy comes from Him; my hope is to this year take more of the opportunities to love, serve, and point these dear sisters to Jesus.
It is not always easy with date parties and temptations to want to fit in more. There are times when it seems like an easier road to just be a nice sorority girl and kind in my own strength. There are times when it seems easier to give up on physical purity in order to have a guy’s attention and affection, and feel the tangible love of physical touch. And sometimes, following Jesus hurts to the very deepest parts of my heart and my sisters seem just too far and I do not feel courageous, bold, or have enough love in my heart to share with them about Jesus with fear of losing their affection for me.
But I am reminded by my Father that to love is to share truth, the Gospel, with my sisters, that I cannot do it in my own strength, that His love can fill my heart to overflow and give me strength to continue to love and serve and point my sisters towards Him.
It is not about me being enough or adequate in any sense, but about Him! I pray that if you are in a sorority or thinking about joining one, to be prayerful in the process and ask God for wisdom, He cares about this, too. Pray for a heart to love your sisters well and point them towards Jesus, and have accountability of your sisters in Christ to help you to remain faithful in this. If you’re not in a sorority or never were, love those who are in them and pray for them, too! God loves girls in sororities, remember that He died for them, too.
No matter what you do or what organization you are in, God can use you to build His kingdom and bring others into the family of God. One beautiful year had flashed before my eyes and I am so excited and grateful for the next! Hope this encourages y’all! Much much love,
Mimi ❤️


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