On this lovely Friday morning, God blessed me with the gift of precious rest in the form of sweet sleep. My sweetmates as I like to call them, all had classes this morning, and so it was simply me and God, a most beautiful time. This meant extended time alone with God would be within reach.

I love to pray when it is just me and the Lord because I can talk out loud as if speaking to a friend, because He really is my friend. I get to pray for the people whom the Lord loves and has placed on my heart. He is at work in many beautiful ways, my great God.

In this morning’s study of Ruth, it really struck a cord within my heart. The reading was in chapter two when Noami and Ruth realize that Boaz is the kinsmen redeemer, goel (the Hebrew word for kinsman-redeemer), or the one who would restore their family.

It said, “As a kinship term it denotes the near relative who is responsible for the economic well-being of a relative, and he comes into play especially when the relative is in distress and cannot get himself/herself out of the crisis… The custom of redemption was designed to maintain the wholeness and health of family relationships, even after the person has died.” (Kelly Minter’s book study of Ruth in the Living Room Series, originally Daniel I. Block, “Judges, Ruth” in the New American Commentary).

I love this because it is what God commanded, for His people to help each other (Leviticus 25:47-55). Boaz is an example of God’s hesed, or covenant love and kindness, and I adore how God’s perfect plan was for us to selflessly love and help others. What stands out to me is that relatives and family members were called by God to redeem and help those who could not help themselves and were in need. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? And such a humble place to be in both shoes: to be the family member saved by grace and not forgotten, just like us sinners who are saved by God and not forgotten by Him. Also, in the shoes of showing kindness to a family member in need of help, and experiencing a glimpse of our God who saves us and comes after our hearts each and every time.

And what does that say about helping our brothers and sisters  in Christ? It is a reflection and an example that God sets for us in the Bible to help our brothers and sisters in need, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and serve and care for them selflessly. It is in God’s law and plan for us to help one another and draw one another closer to Him. It is not about whether they deserve it like I often think about many people I pass on the sides of the streets, but because God bought us back from death to life and from the chains of slavery to freedom, and therefore may it be our joy to serve and give to those in need whom the Lord loves. In 2 Corinthians 9:10, it says that God provides the seeds for our bread, and therefore He will provide for our needs. May you and I trust that He is enough and help one another out, just as He has loved us.

“We love because He first loved us.” ~ 1 John 4:19

Psalm 103




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