The other night, my sweet friend called out from the other room, to love is to be vulnerable, but that was misheard in my ears as, “Love for corn is vulnerable,” a saying that has become an addition to our silly moments wall in our little home. But that sweet, silly phrase has come to mean much more to us over these past few days. Corn has come to be replaced by our own unique fears and struggles: love for those who don’t return our affections is vulnerable, love for people who reject us is vulnerable, love for the world and the mission of God is vulnerable. It is sharing our story with others and the King who died to save us.

As I have mentioned before, a growing fear of being in a relationship has formed within my heart. Each encounter with people makes me fearful that they will find out and know me too deeply, and that I will be put to shame and rejected. Yet something so simply sweet and so wonderfully profound struck a new chord within my heart this late evening: we as people and as sinners are all in the same boat, no matter our sin, we are far away from our perfect God and in need of a Savior. Whether lying or stealing, murder or adultery, impure thoughts or homosexuality, we all need a Savior just the same.

As a believe, when God looks at me, He sees Christ’s righteousness. For so long have I feared the response of others to the depth of my sinfulness, but when God looks at me, He sees His Son. He loves me and calls me beautiful, and if the perfect God of the universe loves and calls me beautiful, then so may others, too. Such a joyous gift that I do not have to live in shame or fear because God calls me His beautiful beloved, and that even in my brokenness and mess, He sees Jesus when He looks at me. I cannot say that enough, because of Him, I am enough. And so, too, through Jesus are you.


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