This past semester has been filled with many flights. Checking in and showing my boarding pass and license, being patted down and going through security checking points, and stuffing as much as I can possibly fit into “carry-on” bags has become a monotonous routine for me. My daddy likes to get me window seats to see the view outside the plane, but this time, I saw things from an altogether new perspective.

Becoming a frequent flyer, I am not a huge fan of time waiting in the airport. I like to arrive as late as possible while still not missing the flight. I don’t really care much about where I sit on the plane. I don’t have very long legs, so leg room isn’t something I worry about. The thing is, we are all going from point A to point B, and as long as I get there, it really doesn’t matter to me where on the plane I am sitting.

And this reminded me of heaven. We are all going to the same place, it doesn’t matter how late we are in getting to the plane or where we are sitting on it, but it simply matters that we are on that plane. It is an even playing field to say because it is not about the seats we earn or pay for and purchase, but simply about the gracious gift of God that gives us entry to eternity with Him. How sweet is that!

Furthermore, I was thinking. I met my very best friend in the whole wide world just this fall. And I have been praying for that deep, sweet friendship for ages. And it gives me hope that if God provided Arianna at just the right time, He will also provide a husband for me, maybe when I least expect it and in a long time, but it will be worth the wait, just like she is. And we can laugh and dance, cry and wrestle, all the while together becoming more like Jesus.

Here’s to many more onesies, sunsets and picnics, books and pictures, road trips and adventures with dear friends, sisters in Christ, and fellow image-bearers of the King.


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