Dry lips, parched for more than the refreshment of water. Running along and falling into others’ arms; learning to lean and do so deeply into others. Mm.

Cozy blankets and twinkle lights give the fragrance of sweetness; looking frantically for the perfect essential oil called peace, that which I long to taste not simply the essence of, but to inhale deeply the actuality and presence of, the physical sensation and embodiment of such tranquility.

Laced ribbons and mason jars, bows and pictures hung neatly around me, attempts at outwardly seeping into me the perfection that I long for. Only to be followed by fresh laundry never put away, scattered homework and readings, and blankets strewn around the bed from sleepy times.

A flower has begun to bloom from its bud in the bouquet; it stands out strong as if to teach me something; and I hope that as I remain in the light pouring in from the windowsill, the love poured out from my Father, and from those around me, I too will bloom from this bud into something sweet and filled with beauty. ❤️


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